IPC Eagle ECS® CT70ECS140 Automatic Scrubber - 28", 140AH

IPC Eagle ECS® CT70ECS140 Automatic Scrubber - 28", 140AH

Item # CT70ECS-140

  • Traction drive and no dump and refills provide for a new standard in ergonomic cleaning.
  • Drive: Traction; Scrubbing width: 28"
  • Squeegee Width: 40"; No. of brushes: 2; Max speed: 2.8 mph
  • Battery power: 12V-140AH AGM battery
28", 140 AH AGM, ea
Manufacturers Item #CT70ECS140

The ultimate green cleaning machine. High speed automatic scrubbing system uses less water, chemicals and time. It's designed to run at high speed's (600 RPM) for cleaning with microfiber and diamond pads but can also be used at a lower speed (180 RPM) allowing you to use the ECS[R] as a traditional automatic scrubber. Reduce water consumption 80%-90%. Reduce chemical consumption up to 80%-90%. Reduce labor time up to 30-50%. Offers a new level of hygiene that you have come to expect from microfiber cleaning.

Battery power: 12V-140AH AGM battery.


  • High speed microfiber scrubbing system. They have the green cleaning benefits of water, chemical, energy and noise reduction but also provide all of the additional benefits of our Clean Time Scrubbers and more. It is like two scrubbers in one, microfibe
  • High speed Diamond pad scrubbing system. Uniquely designed to clean and polish sealed and non-sealed floors in just one process. This chemical free mechanical cleaning approach physically removes the soil as it polishes the surface drastically cutting t
  • Solution tank capacity of 19 gallon; Recovery tank capacity of 20 gallon.